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SEEKING A BRIGHTER TOMORROW: Our clients receive solution-focused, data-driven,evidence-based, results-oriented therapy. Everything we do is geared toward changing behavior and finding the right combination of therapy and support.Since no two client's are alike, no two treatment plans are alike. During the admissions process, we conduct a thorough assessment, establish a baseline, and create an Individual Recovery Plan based on specific needs and goals. Recovery Plans include a combination of the following therapeutic modes:

Dialectical BehavioralTherapy (DBT)

Applied BehavioralAnalysis (ABA)

Cognitive BehavioralTherapy (CBT)

Mindfulness-BasedDialectical/Cognitive Therapy (MBD/CT)

12-Step Support Programs

Individual Family Therapy

Group TherapyProcess Group

Individual Therapy

Mindfulness-Based StressReduction (MBSR)

Mindful Walking


Mindful Cooking


Our clients may also have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of innovative experiential therapies, such as:

Equine-Assisted Therapy(Horses)

Social Outings

Music, Art, and Dance


Physical Fitness


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